“Being a part of the Holiday Angel Gift Giving, gives me & my family an opportunity to be a part of a Community of People who will help little faces light up as bright as a Christmas tree & to be a part of an ‘Encouragement Team’ for the parents whose hearts are encouraged & spirits lifted as they recognize that there is a COMMUNITY that cares”
The Hicks Family
“Our family enjoyed being part of the 2018 Holiday Gift Giving program. It was a tremendous blessing to us because it allowed our family to not only help other families in the Tampa Bay area, it also gave me a chance to help my children discover the true meaning of Christmas. We celebrate God giving the world the greatest gift of all – His son Jesus Christ. Joining in this project allowed us to be a part of that giving spirit”
The Dungy Family
“Our family has joined Holiday Angel Gift Giving for several years now; and it has been a true transforming experience. The program taught our kids invaluable lessons of empathy and the gift of giving. Every year, Tanya and her family go above and beyond to coordinate and organize; we are very thankful for all of their efforts to make the program special”
The Wang Family
“For the last 2 years, we have participated in the Holiday Angel Gift drive program which brings smiles and satisfies essential needs to children around Tampa Bay at the holidays. We are reminded of how coming together can make a big difference in our community which for us is the reason for the season”
The Focke Family
“My two boys and I have been volunteering for the past 3 years but last year was miraculous. One of the children we had on our list was in a foster group home. On his list he asked for a Nintendo ds with certain games. The total would have come out to $300 but what I want to let everyone know is that, my boys insisted on gong to GameStop. They had a refurbished one for only $50. But the best part is when my boys went to buy this with their own money, the clerk was so touched that she threw in the carrying case and the five games on her own charge. She said she felt something in her heart telling her to do this. She also told me she has been looking for a church because she has a need to give herself to the Lord. That is the best part, we are able to see God’s hand in all of it. Thank you Tanya and George, God sees all that you do!"
The Kortwright Family
“We are always so grateful for all of the generous donations/gifts we receive from your group. Christmas can be one of the most difficult seasons our boys face away from their families, but the smiles on their faces when they get to open presents are priceless. Because of you all, our boys will have lasting enjoyable memories. We especially enjoy the invaluable mentoring that digs deep into the lives of our boys. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for you, your family and those families who volunteer. Thank you for always making Christmas a memorable time of year. May God continue to bless you all! Thank you and God Bless!”
David & Jessica Rivera

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