WeSeeU Inc is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization that works to fill the gap for hardworking families and individuals.

We identify hard working moms, dads and guardians that need help in getting clothes, shoes, and food for their families throughout the year.

We have our annual “Back to School Angel” and “Holiday Angel” initiatives where we bless hardworking families with assistance during those times. We realize that many times people work hard and still fall short. WeSeeU and We care!

While working to fill the gap with the underserved communities, we have mentoring workshops and various initiatives throughout the year to meet the need of our youth and families.

WeSeeU Inc is comprised of individuals, families, organizations/businesses that invest in positively impacting our communities.
Please join us. Together we can make a difference! #itstilltakesavillage #FaithLoveHope

Mission Statement

To inspire hope and provide assistance to hardworking individuals by supporting youth and families with various physical, educational and financial needs through community outreach initiatives throughout the year.