“Big Mike” Little League Football Scholarship

Our Fallen Hero
Michael Anthony Houston
Florida Native-adopted by Washington DC
Leto High Flying Fighting Falcon’s Class of 79
Defensive Lineman #77
Gardner Webb College
Defensive Lineman #44

Michael’s love for Football was more than just a mere love of a sport, he was IN LOVE with the life of Football.  He was introduced to Football at a very young age, playing in the yards of many family and friends in the Citrus Park/Keystone area.  He was a mentor and a hero to many.  He used football to foster relationships and make an impact in the lives of young people struggling to overcome challenges.  Many family and friends still remember his quiet, strong, compassionate and protective leadership.

Michael’s favorite team was the Pittsburgh Steelers and his favorite Coach was Tony Dungy, former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team which Michael tried out for in 1983.  His passion and love for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers never wavered and he remained a true and devoted fan until the end. The strength and compassion of the impact he made is felt throughout our family and the community, whether on the field or off.  Michael’s love for his family and friends, his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers and his quiet but strong presence, will forever remain and he will never be forgotten.

In honor of Michael and in lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the “Big Mike” Little League Football Scholarship.  This scholarship will assist a young boy(s) with registration and equipment cost associated with playing Little League Football.

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